Book Review – De la educación a distancia a la educación virtual


  • Peter Cookson



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Authors: Lorenzo García Aretio, Marta Ruiz Ruiz and Daniel Domínguez Figaredo. (2007). De la educación a distancia a la educación virtual. Barcelona: Editorial Ariel, S.A. ISBN: 978-84-344-2666-5. Reviewed by: Peter S. Cookson, Director Académico, El Consorcio Clavijero, Mexico Editor’s Note: This book is published in Spanish only. This book comprises the reflections of knowledgeable and seasoned distance education practitioners on the paradigm shift from (fourth generation) distance education to (fifth generation) virtual education. The authors are seasoned and prominent academics at the Distance Education University (UNED) of Spain. Lorenzo García Aretio is the Unesco Distance Education Chair and Dean, Marta Ruiz Ruiz is a professor and Vice-Dean, and Daniel Domínguez Figaredo is a faculty member and researcher in the Department of Educational Theory and Social Education.

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Peter Cookson

Peter S. Cookson is the Editor Emeritus of He is a former full Professor of Distance education and Vice President of Research with Athabasca University - Canada's Open University. While with Athabasca University, he worked on a ODL development project in Sri Lanka. Acting on his heart-felt interest for open and distance education in developing countries, Dr. Cookson left Athabasca University in 2003 to pursue ODL development work at the University for Peace, affiliated with the United Nations, in Costa Rica. In 2006 he was appointed Academic Director for Consorcio Clavijero, a education network of more than 20 higher education institutions in Veracruz, Mexico. In that position, he is responsible for academic program development and the training of university professors who are content experts to design, “write,” and implement online distance education courses throughout Mexico and beyond.



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