Online Faculty Development and Assessment System (OFDAS)

  • Luis M. Villar University of Seville
  • Olga M. Alegre University of La Laguna
Keywords: Faculty development, teaching professional skills, online student learning environment assessment, online professional development


The rapid growth of online learning has led to the development of faculty inservice evaluation models that are geared towards the demands of quality improvement of degree programs. Based on the best practices of student online assessment, the Online Faculty Development and Assessment System (OFDAS) created at the Canary Islands was designed to serve the dual purpose of faculty development and classroom learning environment assessment. Results of analyses showed that OFDAS maximized the potential of online faculty development to encourage staff to reflect on teaching professional skills. Implications were discussed in terms of emphasizing the process of online teaching knowledge learning and incorporating perspectives to capture a comprehensive view of faculty teaching attitudes and their association with student classroom learning perceptions.

Author Biographies

Luis M. Villar, University of Seville
Department of Didactics and School Organization. Professor
Olga M. Alegre, University of La Laguna
Deprtament of Didactics and Education Methods. Professor
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Villar, L. M., & Alegre, O. M. (2006). Online Faculty Development and Assessment System (OFDAS). The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 7(3).
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