The implications of the local context in global virtual education

  • Ståle Angen Rye University of Agder
  • Anne Marie Støkken University of Agder
Keywords: Internet, global education, everyday-life, student role, virtual collaboration, distance education


This paper investigates how features in students’ everyday life influence their participation in online global collaboration, and it suggests that students’ local context should be recognised as a significant part of their educational space. In this exploratory case study of students engaged in a global online master’s programme, the discussion is organised under three main headings: the social, material, and cultural dimensions of students’ daily life. The paper shows how the influence of the students’ local context typically creates a situation whereby the online learning space is characterised by inequality. This recognition should be taken into account when providers of online education design courses and make provision for student support. In this way, the inequalities can be seen as a resource for learning rather than as a problem.

Author Biographies

Ståle Angen Rye, University of Agder
Associate Professor, PhD
Anne Marie Støkken, University of Agder
Professor, Dr. Polit.
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Rye, S. A., & Støkken, A. M. (2012). The implications of the local context in global virtual education. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 13(1), 191-206.
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