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Does the Community of Inquiry Framework Predict Outcomes in Online MBA Courses?

  • J. B. Arbaugh University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Keywords: community of inquiry framework, online MBA courses, learning outcomes


While Garrison and colleagues’ (2000) Community of Inquiry (CoI) framework has generated substantial interest among online learning researchers, it has yet to be subjected to extensive quantitative verification or tested for external validity. Using a sample of students from 55 online MBA courses, the findings of this study suggest strong empirical support for the framework and its ability to predict both perceived learning and delivery medium satisfaction in online management education. The paper concludes with a discussion of potential implications for online management education researchers and those interested in further study of the CoI framework.

Author Biography

J. B. Arbaugh, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
J. B. (Ben) Arbaugh is a Professor of Strategy and Project Management at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. He is an Associate Editor of Academy of Management Learning & Education. Ben’s research interests are in online management education, graduate management education, and the intersection between spirituality and strategic management research. Some of his recent publications include articles in Academy of Management Learning & Education, Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, Information & Management, The Internet and Higher Education, the Journal of Management, Spirituality, and Religion, and the Journal of Management Education. Dr. Arbaugh may be reached at
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Arbaugh, J. B. (2008). Does the Community of Inquiry Framework Predict Outcomes in Online MBA Courses?. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 9(2).
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