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MOOCs Readiness

The Scenario in Malaysia

  • Thirumeni T Subramaniam Open University Malaysia
  • Nur Amalina Diyana Suhaimi Open University Malaysia
  • Latifah Abdol Latif Open University Malaysia
  • Zorah Abu Kassim Open University Malaysia
  • Mansor Fadzil Open University Malaysia
Keywords: self-efficacy, self-directedness, MOOC, massive open online course, readiness, competency


This study seeks to investigate the readiness levels of adult students studying in Malaysian higher education institutions. The online questionnaire used in this study consists of 18 demographic variables and 43 items based on six constructs: technical competencies, communication competencies, social competencies, self-efficacy, self-directedness, and readiness. With a sample of 413 respondents, the constructs were evaluated using measures based on students’ self-identification with each item. Descriptive statistics depict competency, demographic profile of students, and level of readiness. The statistical analyses used for this study were Pearson correlation, multivariate analysis of variance, and structural equation modelling. All six constructs were reliable with Cronbach’s alpha (α) above 0.7. Findings indicate that self-efficacy was significant for massive open online course readiness, and additional factors that could influence this readiness are explored. The findings from this study provide important input towards designing effective massive open online courses.

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T Subramaniam, T., Suhaimi, N. A. D., Latif , L. A., Abu Kassim, Z., & Fadzil , M. (2019). MOOCs Readiness. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 20(3).
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