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Framework of quality assurance of TEL integration into an educational organization

  • Airina Volungeviciene Director of Innovative Studies Institute at Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania
  • Margarita Tereseviciene Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania
  • Alan William Tait Professor Alan Tait Director, International Development and Teacher Education Faculty of Education and Language Studies The Open University, MK7 6AA, UK T 44 (0) 1908 652404
Keywords: Technology enhanced learning (TEL), TEL integration, quality parameters, educational organization


This research paper addresses the issues of integration of technology enhanced learning (TEL) into an educational organization. Good practice experience cannot be directly transferred to new organisations due to different contextual conditions. The TEL integration depends significantly upon a very rapid development of services and information communication technologies (ICT). Some organizations have managed to go step by step with the developments and have become leaders in TEL provision, however others, though having successful examples, have not succeeded in reaching the service level they want. While many positive examples exist in research literature, it is rare that institutions have complete strategies or solutions for integrating TEL that meet their specific pre-conditions and satisfy quality assurance parameters at the same time.

The research reported here aims at the development of a theoretical framework for quality assurance of TEL integration into educational organizations. During the research, the development of the TEL concept has been discussed, success indicators for TEL integration in an educational organization have been described, the quality parameters of TEL integration into an educational organization have been identified and the model for TEL integration into an organization has been developed.

Author Biographies

Airina Volungeviciene, Director of Innovative Studies Institute at Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania
Head of Innovative Studies Institute and associate professor at Vytautas Magnus University, President of Lithuanian Distance and eLearning (LieDM) association, Vice President of EDEN.
Margarita Tereseviciene, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania
Department of Education at the Faculty of Social Sciences
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Volungeviciene, A., Tereseviciene, M., & Tait, A. W. (2014). Framework of quality assurance of TEL integration into an educational organization. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 15(6).
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