EduBlogs as metaphor

  • Glenn Groulx Athabasca University


This presentation will discuss a number of recent case studies, contrast examples of private and public edublogs, and explore issues such as learner and instructor roles and responsibilities, learner choices, ethical considerations, learning goals, instructional strategies and activities, and assessment methods. A comparative analysis will be made between private, autonomous, anonymous, embedded, networked, and liminal edublogs. The following metaphors will be used to describe these edublogging environments: incubator, launch pad, sandbox, stage or persona, therapeutic or cathartic, sharing space, rhizome, learning feast, arena, guerrilla war zone, network of practice, slow edublogging, and transformational edublogging.
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Groulx, G. (2009). EduBlogs as metaphor. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 10(6).