Book Review: Exploratory Programming in the Arts and Humanities

  • Kelly Hammond CUNY Graduate Center

Author Biography

Kelly Hammond, CUNY Graduate Center

Kelly Hammond is passionate about open educational resources (OER) and open pedagogy. She has a master’s degree in Digital Humanities from City University of New York’s Graduate Center and is currently supporting the OER and instructional technology initiatives at CUNY’s School of Professional Studies. She also serves on the editorial collective of The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy. As a former teacher and the Director of Digital Pedagogy at the Chapin School in New York City, Kelly is particularly interested in building online communities to facilitate dialogue and collaboration within the small but growing number of DH practitioners in K–12 environments. She is developing and testing the efficacy of micro-pd—tiny and targeted professional development to help faculty grow even in times of crisis, and she is expanding her own OER: Digital Pedagogy in Our K-12 Classrooms.

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Hammond, K. (2022). Book Review: Exploratory Programming in the Arts and Humanities . The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 23(2), 264-266.
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