Research Insights from a Decade of Campus-Wide Implementation of Web-Supported Academic Instruction at Tel Aviv University


  • Rafi Nachmias Tel Aviv University
  • Judith Ram Tel Aviv University



Web-supported academic instruction, empirical research, diffusion of innovation, Web pedagogy, cost-effective model


This paper describes the scope and outcomes of Virtual TAU, a campus-wide project that aims to integrate information and communication technologies into the academic instruction at Tel Aviv University (TAU). It provides data, insights, and conclusions drawn from various research and evaluation studies that were conducted at the university during the last decade. The paper presents its material on three main levels: (a) the institutional level, in which we describe the scope and pace of the process of diffusing the Web as an innovation into the university’s instruction, and how this diffusion compares to classical diffusion models; (b) the pedagogical level, in which we present some of the innovative pedagogical practices developed and implemented as well as the current state of Web usage among both the university’s teachers and students; and (c) the costs and benefits of the integration of Web-supported academic instruction, where we apply a newly-developed cost-effectiveness model to Virtual TAU courses.

Author Biographies

Rafi Nachmias, Tel Aviv University

Prof. Rafi Nachmias is a member of the Science Education department in Tel-Aviv University’s School of Education. He is currently heading the Science and Technology Education Center and the Virtual TAU project in Tel-Aviv University and also serves as vice head of School of Education for research. His major research areas are Internet and Higher Education, Web-Mining of online learning, Web-based Learning, and Innovative pedagogical school practices using ICT.

Judith Ram, Tel Aviv University

Judith Ram is the Director of the Virtual TAU project, which integrates advanced learning technologies into academic instruction at Tel-Aviv University. Heading a department for many years in the Center for Educational Technology, she gained considerable experience with integrating computers in the schools system. Judith holds a Master’s of Educational Research and Evaluation.



How to Cite

Nachmias, R., & Ram, J. (2009). Research Insights from a Decade of Campus-Wide Implementation of Web-Supported Academic Instruction at Tel Aviv University. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 10(2).