Re-organizing Universities for the Information Age


  • David Annand Athabasca University



Fordism, industrialization, innovation, Luddite, university change


University education is still generally conducted within pre-Industrial Age organizational structures. As a result of their inability to evolve the predominant cohort-based classroom structure to more cost-effectively meet the aspirations of burgeoning worldwide populations for higher education, universities may see substantial organizational changes imposed on them over the next decades by external forces. Emergent forms of university organizational structures are examined that may affect this needed transformation.

Author Biography

David Annand, Athabasca University

David Annand is the Director of Athabasca University's School of Business. His research interests include the educational applications of computer-based instruction and computer mediated communications to distance learning, and the effects of online learning on the organization of distance-based universities.



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Annand, D. (2007). Re-organizing Universities for the Information Age. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 8(3).



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