From Cognitive Landscapes to Digital Hyperscapes


  • Jose Bidarra
  • Ana Dias



The widespread diffusion of e-Learning in organizations has encouraged the discovery of more effective ways for conveying digital information to learners, for instance, via the commonly called Learning Management Systems (LMS). A problem that we have identified is that cognitive variables and pedagogical processes are rarely taken into consideration and sometimes are confused with the mere use by learners of “diversified” hypermedia resources. Within the context of widespread dissemination of multimedia content that has followed the emergence of massive information resources, we discuss the need for more powerful and effective learner-centered tools capable of handling all kinds of design configurations and learning objects.

Key Terms: cognitive profiles, learning styles, mind mapping, multimedia and hypermedia content, hyperscapes, e-Learning, learning objects, Learning Management Systems (LMS).




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Bidarra, J., & Dias, A. (2003). From Cognitive Landscapes to Digital Hyperscapes. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 4(2).



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