Integrated Networks: National and International Online Experiences

  • Osvaldo Antonio Muniz-Solaris Texas State University
  • Christine Coats Texas State University
Keywords: Online interaction, integrated networks, international course, geography education


There is an increasing impression among online geography educators that interaction can be developed based on specific teaching and learning methods. The authors developed a practical research study to investigate this issue. The study was based on advanced graduate courses in geography at Beijing Normal University and Texas State University. International interaction was complemented by online collaboration among the US local group. Both synchronous and asynchronous communication systems were used, which spanned two platforms. Results of this experience indicate that teaching and learning methods must be enhanced by a flexible online learning model and extensive organizational support in order to increase interaction and reach a certain level of cooperation.

Author Biographies

Osvaldo Antonio Muniz-Solaris, Texas State University
Department of Geography Associate Professor
Christine Coats, Texas State University
Christine Coats Doctoral Research Assistant Gilbert M. Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education Texas State University - San Marcos
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Muniz-Solaris, O. A., & Coats, C. (2009). Integrated Networks: National and International Online Experiences. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 10(1).
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